Thursday, September 9, 2010


So Landon has been on Sabril for a few weeks now. Things seemed somewhat better at first, but as usual things are taking a turn back to the old. His seizures are getting long, and more intense. We are giving it a few more weeks to see how things go on it. We return to Philadelphia for the Ketogenic class, an EEG, and meeting with the doctor again. I have been pretty upset that we haven't had a break, and we are pushing a year since he started having seizures. I have been doing more research which can make things worse sometimes. I feel like i'm becoming somewhat paranoid, and much more emotional. The smallest things are making me cry...and I consider myself to have a pretty hard shell. I know I need to stay strong for him, but I fear the worst. Hopefully things start looking up for our family.

Hope all is well with everyone!