Monday, October 7, 2013

A much overdue post

It has been years since my last post so it may take weeks to update on how our family is doing. Ill start first by saying we have had a lot of life changes. We moved a year ago to get Landon more help, we welcomed his another little boy 6 weeks ago, and Landon continues to amaze us! We are still fighting daily seizures but have had some great things happening. Landon stopped eating by mouth in October 2010, and we finally have been able to get him eating "some" by mouth since March of this year. He is very picky, but finds new things he likes every day! I continue to make food for his g tube to give him the calories he needs. He is also making some great developmental strides! He is soooo close to crawling! He can get into hands and knees but just needs to coordinate and strengthen his arms and he will be off!  We finished all genetic testing available last spring, hence the baby brother. We decided after finding no know cause or reason for Landon's struggle it was time to expand and give Landon a sibling. We are super excited to have our family grow and are adjusting to being a family of 4. 

I hope to finally catch up with all our blogger friends! We hope all is well and pray for all of you!