Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surgery scheduled

Finally, we have a date for Landons G tube, in 2 weeks! Landon will have to stay in the hospital 2 days so they can test it before leaving. I am counting down the days and hours! The NG tube has been with is way too long!

Landon had his 18 month well check-up last week, and he is now in the 97% for height, coming in at 35 1/2 inches! And 94% for weight, at 32lbs. Mommy needs Landon to learn to crawl and/or walk before my back goes out, lol. At the appointment my suspicions were validated...Landon had yet another ear infection. So we now have an appointment to check his hearing and ears next week. Our pediatrician thinks it may be time for tubes, due to all his other issues. We were forced to put him on an antibiotic, which we were trying to avoid, due to the c diff in the past. And quickly after starting I began questioning if the c diff was back? That is too be continued while
I monitor for a few days.

Seizures are here an there. We are having much better days, but not freedom. We are moving in a good direction!

I'm thinking and praying for everyone!